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MACK grew up as a military brat, living around the world in cities from time frames between six weeks to three years. She considers herself a global citizen, which has fueled her passion for open innovation and global diversification of thinking, as well as her tenacity as a change agent.

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Professional Adventures

Over the course of her career, MACK has been an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur and has worked for four Fortune 500 companies. She is a venture capitalist, entrepreneurial coach, digital marketing executive and technologist with more than 15 years of experience in driving strategic growth, innovation and positive brand perception for leading startups, corporate, nonprofit and agency organizations. 

MACK is currently the founder and CEO of LU Management, a firm that specializes in accelerating professional athletes and their families in their pursuit of entrepreneurship and venture capital. She is also on the advisory board to the Michigan State Foundation, which is dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. She has coached entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and corners of the world - from NFL and NBA pros, to collegiate to founders from Israel.

Until May of 2019, she was the founder and head of the Verizon Innovation Garage. For more than two years, she led global open innovation, startup evaluation, partnership strategy and M&A related to her team’s efforts within the consumer division of Verizon. Before joining the tech sector, she spent eight years in the healthcare industry where she was the Head of U.S. Pharma Social Media at Novartis and a corporate spokesperson and Head of Social Media for Medco Health Solutions and Express Scripts.

In 2018, MACK founded Reliefium, an early stage health startup with a mission to legitimize and destigmatize the utilizations of cannabinoid therapy (THC and CBD). Previously listed as one of the Top 40 Healthcare Transformers by Medical Marketing & Media and ELITE Disrupter by PM360, she is best known for strategically driving many first-in-pharma branded digital marketing initiatives and for founding the first holistic health management platform for heart failure patients and caregivers. 


Let's Work Together

No matter the role or project, MACK is confident in the skill set that she brings to the table. Take a look below to learn more about her specific abilities, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

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Venture Capital

Startup Evaluation and Advisement

Significant experience in evaluating startups for investment and/or commercialization and integration into the marketing mix for F500s. Ability to assist individuals, VC firms and corporations throughout the entire journey, from scouting brief creation to POC implementation. 

Entrepreneurial Coaching and Advisement

MACK has coached entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and corners of our world - NFL and NBA pros to collegiate to founders from Israel. She has a specialty focus in early stage and Series A startups, as well as experiences that help aspiring founders create startups and business plans in less than 24 hours. MACK offers advice and guidance on monetization, pitching, growth and partnership strategies as well as assistance with deal flow.


Open to long or short term projects for private and public sector, startups, VC firms, agencies and consultancy firms. Offering best practices and expertise in:

Architecting CoEs with Staying Power

Building Connected Health Solutions

Design Thinking

Digital Strategy and Innovation

Emerging Technology

Enterprise Open Innovation

Strategic Partnerships

Venture Capital

For the following verticals:

Consumer Packaged Goods


Digital Medicine / Digital Health

Healthcare / Pharma

Technology / Media


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Speaking Engagements

Panelist, keynote speaker, chair; public or private; U.S. or global - MACK has done them all and is open to any format. Common thematics include:

Future of Digital Innovation

Future of Marketing

Driving Rapid Innovation in an F500 

The Power of Global Open Innovation 

Driving Disruption in Regulated Industries

A list of previous speaking engagements will be provided upon request.

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"We don’t say no. We say how. In my experience as a disruptor, we are constantly met with obstacles and disbelief. We should accept it, embrace it and thrive within it. When it comes to changing how an organization works or monetizes, or where it should go in the future, expect resistance. It’s our job to show them how it’s possible."



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